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Daily pictures of women from the Stargate franchise

WELCOME TO gategirlsdaily


Daily pictures of the ladies from 'Stargate' (the original movie), 'Stargate SG-1', 'Stargate Atlantis', and 'Stargate Universe'.


Because they're pretty. You need more of a reason?

Can I...?

Anyone can post pictures, fanart, music videos, new communities, or icons to this community. Just a few rules...

1. Keep it on topic. That includes any woman who has ever appeared in an episode of the movie, SG-1, SGA, or Universe.
2. No hotlinking. No stealing other people's art or icons and calling them your own.
3. Use an LJ cut for images over 500x500 pixels, or posts that contain more than three icons.
4. Comments are great. Discussions are even better. But do keep it civil and don't bash any of the characters or pairings.

Images from new episodes should be placed under a cut until two weeks after the episode has aired in the United States, with an appropriate spoiler warning. Characters are not spoilers.

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